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No one would have imagined that millions of white petals could be capable of changing what had already been established through generations of history. The first half of the century is the breaking point, and the insulin flowers will become the main stage for human life.

No dollar, no euro, no pound… a singular event will change the entire continent where insulin has become the true gold standard. It’s the only way to quantify wealth in the scheme that belongs to the sons of the new century, the very same insulin that can be found in the pistils and the stamens that thrive among the white petals of those flowers.

From the age of 17, everyone must travel to the fields for the harvest. The main goal being the payment of the debt all of them are born with.

A great disaster takes place, the whole continent has been restarted. The empire of communication born from centuries of technological advancement has been reduced to scrap.

The land is filled with millions of white flowers. The survivors fall prey to a deadly disease and the only available treatment is the insulin that has been processed by the government with technology that’s far away from individual reach.

People receive their names through the ID codes that are now carved in the silver bracelets they must use once they start walking the fields. Out there, there’s only insulin flowers and infertile trees. Nothing can live outside if there’s no support from the governmentally processed insulin.

5000 Units will take you through the story of Linda (ID Code: L1N04) a young girl whose life will change as she begins her rounds in the fields while her father prepares her to be a machinist. Nonetheless, they’ll be forced to face many unforeseen situations if they want to survive in this world.


The field of flowers hides a great secret with those white petals.

Do you have enough courage to find out?

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Illustrations by A. Zalesski.

Cover Image by D. Vestalia